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The Grand Vintage North Jersey Wine Trail
(Traveling North to South)
(Traveling South to North)


The world was shocked in 1976 when a California wine toppled France in an international blind-tasting competition.  Unrivaled for centuries, wines from the New World were challenging its position. Closely regulated, French wines are grown in “appellations” – areas and regions of the country which have ideal soil and weather conditions to produce premium wines.  Today the US recognizes 188 officially designated “appellations” spread across 25 states.

New Jersey’s first appellation, called an AVA or American Viticultural Area, is located in Warren County, New Jersey.  Named “Warren Hills AVA” it covers 226 square miles and includes within its borders Four Sisters Winery and Brook Hollow Winery near Belvidere and Villa Milagro Vineyards in Finesville.  Other wineries of Northern New Jersey include Ventimiglia Vineyards and Cava Winery & Vineyards in Sussex County, and Unionville Vineyards, Old York Cellars and Beneduce Vineyards in Hunterdon County. Terhune Orchards Vineyards and Winery and Hopewell Valley Vineyards in Mercer County are also members of Vintage North Jersey.  Dust off your picnic basket, wipe off your wine glasses and head out to taste the good life on the Vintage North Jersey Wine Trail.

November 11 & 12, 2017
More Than Just Wine Trail

A trip to the country to visit a winery is always exciting and fun.  As you approach your destination, you often you wonder “what else is there to do nearby.”  Visit Vintage North Jersey wineries this weekend to receive coupons, discounts and directions to nearby restaurants, hotels, farm markets and stands, specialty food stores, unique shops and more.  Plan a day or stay for the weekend.

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A White, or Red, Christmas with Vintage North Jersey’s Wineries

Share some holiday cheer, or shall we say, cheers, with a gift from one of North Jersey’s very own. These eight local wineries will help you celebrate the most wonderful time of the year with stocking stuffers, presents for that special person, and, as you might have guessed, some truly “seasonal” wines.

Introduce your family, friends, and your table to a local product crafted at wineries right outside your door.  Viticulture (grape growing) in the region has grown rapidly in the past 10 years, becoming one of the few forms of agriculture that has proven to be economically sustainable. And the wines have grown as well—gaining national and international recognition as the world discovers the high-quality wines being made right here in New Jersey.  So support our Garden State viticulture, stock up, and take a sip—impressed?   <Read More>


March 10 & 11, 2018
Wine & Art Trail

There are connoisseurs of fine wine and connoisseurs of fine art.   Visit our member wineries on this weekend and you can be a connoisseur of both!  Each winery will display works of local artists and will offer wine tastings. <Read More>

August  2018
Vintage North Jersey Wine & Food Festival

Rolling along the northwest corner of our state is terrain similar to parts of Spain, France, Italy and Germany, where Vintage North Jersey wineries produce an array of wine types to tease and please every palate.  Join member wineries for their annual wine festival.

One Day and Two Advance tickets will be available as well as tickets at the gate. Reduced admission for non-drinking attendees.


SHMM_miner_lrgMining & Wining Tour


Westfall Winery, Ventimiglia Vineyards and Cava Winery & Vineyard have teamed up with Sterling Hill Mining Museum for a unique Mining & Wining Tour. All four venues are located in the beautiful Sussex Skylands.


Start your adventure with the Underground Mine Tour –  a 1,300-ft underground walking tour and the only one like it in the world! View fantastic fluorescent minerals, some which are only found in New Jersey, learn about mining techniques, see tools of the trade on display, take a ride down to the mine and learn about local history. <read more>


Fall in Love with the Wineries on the Vintage North Jersey Wine Trail

Could there be, chemistry between you and Northern New Jersey wines? Great wine making involves  multiple steps – from growing to bottling – and a little bit of chemistry.  Some would say it is as much an art as a science.

To the French, good wines depend upon “terroir”, that is upon the particular locations in which they grow.  Each location offers characteristic climate, soil type and topography that contribute to the quality of the grape with which the winemaker starts.  That’s no surprise to winery members of Vintage North Jersey.

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Turnpike? Fuggedaboutit… Try a North Jersey Wine Trail


New Jersey’s Skylands Region is known for its captivating landscapes, tranquility, natural beauty and lack of “exits.” Sprinkled with nearly a dozen vineyards, the area is also making its mark as a delightful destination for a diversity of wineries. So no matter in which direction you travel, you’re sure to discover something to please your palate.


Dubbed the Vintage North Jersey Wine Trail, the 88 miles from the extreme northern, rugged terrain of Sussex, to the rolling hills of Hunterdon and Mercer Counties, which boast world-class grapevines, there is plenty of flavor to savor. And, as you meander along the trails, your appreciation for the Garden State will surely grow.


Where else can you go and be serenaded by the fall breeze while taking in natural landscapes and picturesque mountains dotted by farms, and yes wineries? To taste it is to love it!


As an added bonus, those who visit all of the participating wineries before December 31 will qualify for a chance to win a lodging package and tickets to area attractions.


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